Customer Compliments

Hi, I had the pleasure to meet y’all at Christmas Carousel in Abilene Texas last year. I had a booth 
there as well with Sweet Life Cupcakes. I tasted several of your recipes and loved them so much I 
bought 3 of them. I just made the Sour Cream Enchilada Casserole for my husband and he absolutely 
LOVED it and asked that I write y’all to let you know. Even my kids ate it and loved it!! We will 
definitely be ordering more casseroles from you as well as trying some of the dips and soups. 
We are customers for life!! Keep up the good work!!
Thanks, Amber Collins			

	Just wanted to let you know that the Dinner in a Jiffy mixes I bought in Ft. Worth at the 
	stock show are the most amazing meals.  My husband loves them and so do I.  We both work and 
	sometimes don’t get home until 5:30 or 6:00pm and by the time you feed the dogs, clean out the 
	dishwasher and whatever else might need to be done, you’ve run out of time.  These are so easy 
	and so good.

Hi, I recently made your chicken pot pie casserole for friends and it was absolutely 
delicious! I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make. It was the 
perfect meal for a cold winter night! I look forward to ordering more and thank 
you for such a great product!! Tanya                    

    I served my King's Casserole to my Red Hat bridge ladies and 
    it was almost embarrassing to watch us gobble up that casserole, 
    salad and garlic bread.  Thanks for a great product...........Marty Coburn


Ever since I've been coming to the Nutcracker Market in Houston, I've loved 
your food!
I love the King Ranch casserole.  It's so easy and so yummy. I just wanted to let you know that I'm a huge fan of yours.

I can't wait to see you guys again this year at the Market!

Thank you for making such great and easy to make items. Kris


I was at the Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond, VA, last weekend.  The only thing I bought was your soup.  Soup.   I bought soup!  This is amazing because I'm not a soup person but the little sample I had was pretty darn tasty so I thought, what the heck... I'll try it.


I made it last night so all the flavors would meld in time for dinner tonight.  All I can say is OMG!!!  I love, love, love that soup.  I bought the Chicken Caldo


I had my dinner last night and still couldn't stay out of the soup!! It was fabulous... not to mention fast and easy to make which is wonderful as I'm not known for my culinary talents!


Thank you so much for such a tasty product!!  It was worth paying the 7 bucks to get in the place so I could buy your soup!




Richmond, VA



I just wanted to say that my husband and I just love, love, love the King Ranch Chicken Casserole.  We hope you stay in business forever, because we would be lost without our king ranch.  Thank you so much for providing this wonderful dish. Happy Thanksgiving. Regards, Dena


Hi! I purchased soups from you at the Yellow Daisy Festival. First of all, the people working the booth were wonderful....I think we sampled and loved EVERYTHING! Well, after all the sampling I decided on the Baja Chicken Soup and a couple others. When I came home, my husband said, "So, what did you get?" And I told him , "I got soup". "You got soup???" Needless to say my husband was VERY skeptical. Soup? From a festival? Riiiiiiight. Then about a week later, I decided to make the Baja Chicken soup for dinner. My husband was FLOORED. The ENTIRE meal he kept saying, "This is so good!", "Mmmmm, I could eat this all the time.", "Did you get more of this?", "Am I going to have to wait till next year to eat this again??" LOL!! He has never gone on and on about a meal like that before! When I told him you had a website to order from, he was so glad and said, "We're gonna have to get more of that stuff!" I'm sure next year when I tell him I'm going to the festival, he'll remind me to pick up some soup. :o) Thanks for a great meal! Keep up the good work!!!~Michelle - Grayson, GA

First saw you and bought the Cherokee Cheese Soup at Mistletoe Marketplace in Jackson, MS. I have looked for you each year at Mistletoe, and I am glad that I found you on-line. Don't stop making the Cherokee Cheese Soup. It is wonderful.

...bought the King Ranch Casserole and loved it!!

...received a gift at Christmas, the king ranch casserole was fantastic and a winner at our house!

Our favorite snack these days, jackass jalapenos on peanut butter crackers! To die for!

I went to the craft show and bought some of your mixes, tried them. They are all fantastic and I am hooked on Company's Comin'.

...made the Chicken Almond Casserole yesterday and it was fantastic!  Want to try more casseroles, they're so hand and quick! Thanks.

I LOVE the Green Chili Soup as a sauce for chicken enchiladas.

I served the cherry jalapenos (jackass jalapenos) (w/cream cheese & crackers) at work during the holidays last year. They were a huge hit. I saved the last jar so I would remember who to call on when I needed more!

 I had the privilege of purchasing your Company’s Comin' – Lone Star Tortilla Soup with our Board Members and Volunteers and it was a Hit!  I was at the Country Peddler Show in Robstown this weekend.  My Name is Diana and I am the trainer / recruiter here at CASA of the Coastal Bend – Corpus Christi, Texas. We conduct about 3 monthly meetings and have about 10 trainings a yea r that are 8 days long and we love to feed our wonderful volunteers.   It was so great to use your Tortilla Soup product as it made life so much easier.   Here at CASA Company’s always Comin' and we enjoy filling their tummys with home made food.



Hi, Just wanted to let you know how everyone enjoyed your Southern Blue Crab soup. I used half and half,  real blue crab meat, 1 can of creamed corn, and some sherry ( about 1 tbs) at end before serving. It was really delicious. In fact it is as good if not better than soup I have had in specialty restaurants. It was similar to a seafood bisque, and next time I think I will add shrimp and maybe some other seafood? But definitely the crab and Sherry. Thank you,



PS. I have used several of you other soups with great success!


Hi! My daughter and I purchased mix from you yest in Canton. We had it for supper last night and it was delicious! We plan on ordering again! Thank you! Tammy Tugman