Our Story


We started our business in 1992.  My dad thought food mixes were a good idea so that’s where we started. This is a family business consisting of me, Shannon, my mom, Gladys, my dad, Hal and my husband, Michael.  My dad passed away in 2007. We are an artisan food company.  All of the mixes are our own recipes.  Each mix is hand spooned and hand packed. We do not mass produce anything. Once we come up with an idea for a mix, we try out various combinations to get what we want.  Sometimes we’ll make the same recipe over and over until we get it the right way. 

We are definitely a family company.  Although Gladys and I run the business everyone helps out.  Cole likes opening the bags & filling them with pasta or rice.  He also helps me take the packages to the post office.  Emoree is alway glad to help work on a recipe.  She also helps with our website and social media.  Wyatt and Michael fill in wherever they are needed.

I know I’m not the only mom who needs easy and quick dinners.  There is a world of mom’s looking for an answer for dinner.  Something that is easy to make and that everyone will eat, even the picky eaters.  We meet lots of customers who have busy schedules with work and with their families and they don’t have time to spend it in the kitchen cooking dinner.  These mixes are designed to be quick and easy so that when you get home at 7pm and everyone is hungry you can put in little work and have dinner in 20 minutes.    

Our business was located in Hearne for 23 years.  In 2015, Michael got a job offer that combined his bachelor and master’s degrees but the only snag was, the job was located in Hallettsville.  He took the job and commuted for 6 months until we could get moved.  Gladys & the business stayed in Hearne & I commuted back 3 days a week.  I didn’t like commuting plus I didn’t like it that Gladys was so far away, I worried about her. In the summer of 2016 we moved Gladys and the business to Hallettsville.  Hallettsville wasn’t a good fit for us so we looked at other towns in the area and we settled on Cuero.  Unfortunately, we weren’t fond of Cuero and in 2021 moved near Georgetown.  

In 2016, we were knocked off by another company, who claims to be us or a version of Company’s Comin’ but they are not.  She deludes customers by telling them we are out of business or that she bought our company and changed the name.  Since 2016, we’ve been taking the high road and we would only talk about it, if a customer asked.  However, I’m tired of the high road.  I recently found out, at a show this past December that she told my friend we were out of business.  The lies she tells are endless. The very worst part about all of it, is she was my best friend for 7 years.  We are the original casserole company.

This past year has been a challenge.  Last November I fell, fractured my neck and herniated a disc which resulted in a pinched nerve.  We were no longer able to do shows because we did not know what the future would hold.  The fracture in my neck healed but I still had the herniated disc.  I was not able to have surgery until this past July.  I had the herniated disc replaced with a donor.  I’m still in the recovery process which doesn’t allow us to do shows.  Our products are only available online. However, I’m definitely on the mend and we appreciate our customer’s patience through the process.

All of our mixes cook in 20 minutes.  You only need to add minimal ingredients, that you already have in your pantry, to fix them.  We began with soup mixes, which we still have, added the casserole mixes in 2002 and every year we add a few more options.  I believe that we are one of Texas’s best products because our mixes are delicious.  They taste just like something that might have taken you hours to prepare but instead took 20 minutes.  All you need to do is take one bite to know that we have the best product on the market in our category.